Conor McGregor’s Next Career Choice Is Absolutely, 100 Per Cent Perfect

Conor McGregor’s Next Career Choice Is Absolutely, 100 Per Cent Perfect

If Conor McGregor can’t beat Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring, he’s certainly chasing on Money’s coattails in the business world.

Instead of going home and licking his wounds post-fight – which saw Mayweather grab victory by TKO in the tenth round – McGregor has announced his plans for a new business venture.

And so the rivalry continues:

Staying true to his roots, the Irish UFC champ is releasing his own brand of Notorious whiskey, which he sampled on the sporting world stage wearing a majestic suit at the Showtime press conference.

Conor said:

Notorious Irish whiskey, coming soon. I’m going to take over the Irish whiskey market – and this is delicious! Boy that whiskey tastes so good. Keep an eye out for it.

Conor went onto share his post-fight warm down plans, which involve chartering  a huge superyacht moored in Ibiza for a childhood friend’s wedding.

If his celebrations in Las Vegas were anything to go by, the bar will be fully stocked with a lot of Notorious whiskey.

The venture will stand alongside August McGregor, the athlete’s suit and tailoring fashion house.

The high-end clothing label is a collaboration between McGregor and US-based tailor David Heil, who made that tiny three-piece suit for Conor McGregor Jr.

The fight is reported to have earned McGregor a six-figure sum.

Thank god he’s got this subsidiary income to tide him over to his next bout.

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